Changing the way
investors make decisions


Trying to make a decision of whether to pull the trigger on an acquisition, determine the value of a disposition, or whether or not to loan on a property?  Vizzda’s family of products equips you with the intelligence necessary to make those high level decisions with confidence and consensus.


Vizzda is founded on a passion for helping people make excellent decisions.  Part of that process is making sure our clients have instant access to smart people who can answer their questions intelligently and offer real solutions with customer service and technical support that is unparalleled.


Tired of trying to piece together information that should be contained in one, central spot? Vizzda tracks every conventional sale, every trustee sale and every property noticed for trustee sale and overlays this data on an interactive map, allowing you to see the bigger picture. 

Manage Risk

How can you assess the value of your portfolio if the data you have is faulty, biased, or dated? The Vizzda Deep Dive utilizes verified transaction data less than 24 hours old, which means you know exactly where your property stands compared to the rest of the market, allowing you to act with confidence.


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